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Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana,India
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Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi
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 D K Grover

D K Grover
Agro-Economic Research Centre
Punjab Agricultural University
Ludhiana, Punjab (India)
+91 9417376477(M)

  Dr D.K.Grover, presently working as Director of Agro–Economic Research Centre at the internationally renowned Punjab Agricultural University in India - with major mandate of advising Indian/Punjab Government on various agro-socio economic issues and related policies through conducting intensive rural survey - based studies. As Visiting Fellow/Scientist at AVRDC- World Vegetable Centre, Taiwan, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines and International Food policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, DC, USA focused on Socio –Economic aspects of various multidisciplinary research projects on incorporating short duration legumes in the rice – wheat cropping system, resource conserving technologies like zero tillage, bed planting, laser leveling etc, economic aspects of dwarf basmati rice cultivars being developed through biotechnological tools, feasibility of cereal system initiatives in South Asia, livestock intensification in India and Ethiopia in CG System. Worked as World Bank Consultant of Agricultural Economics under Agricultural Research and Training Project at Alemaya University of Agriculture, Ethiopia to conduct research on food security issues and impart advanced trainings to both the faculty as well as the students at Alemaya University of Agriculture, Ethiopia.

  He gained work experience of about 27 years in the field of Agricultural/ Socio Economics; both at National/ international levels with World reputed Agricultural / Socio Economists of CIMMYT, ILRI, IFPRI, IRRI, AVRDC – WVC to conduct socio economic impact assessment studies of various agricultural technologies. He has published one research book on problems of sugar industry in India, contributed about 150 research papers, published in the referred journals of national/ international repute. Around 60 papers have been presented at various nationalinternational forums both within as well as outside the country. The emphasis of research papers have been to address the policy environment needed to remove constraints to adoption of new technologies and enhance the productivity/income benefits for improved agricultural growth and combinations that best meet farmers’ livelihood for increasing overall socio- economic impacts of various agricultural technologies/practices. He has successfully completed (some are underway) around 35 research projects funded by various national/ international agencies namely World Bank, ILO, AVRDC, Taiwan, Rockefeller Foundation, USA, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) - ILRI, CIMMYT, Planning Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, ICAR/ NATP etc. Currently, involved in the SLP project (CIMMYT/ILRI), Legume/ bitter gourd project (World Vegetable Centre – AVRDC), Basmati rice project (Rockefeller Foundation, USA/IRRI/IFPRI), Cereal System Initiatives in South Asia-CSISA (CIMMYT/IRRI/IFPRI, and Livestock intensification in India and Ethiopia (ILRI/OECD/ DFID). His expertise also includes prioritization of agricultural research using decentralized agricultural research priority setting (DARPS) model.

  He has been invited by the International Association of Agricultural Economists - The world’s most prestigious body of agricultural economics for paper presentation in the international conferences in Germany (2000), Bangladesh (2002) South Africa (2003 & 2004) and Australia (2006). Participated in European Science Foundation (ESF) Conferences in Portugal (2007), Germany (2007) and Spain (2009). Also presented research papers related to soil use planning, agricultural sustainability and resource conserving technologies in Morocco (2009), Abu Dhabi (2010), Italy (2010), and Australia (2011) etc in the International conferences. He has also been a member of several expert panels/committees/ editorial boards and interdisciplinary teams both at National/international level along with session chairman/discussant in many international conferences.